“Power Rangers” – Duke Energy Allen Steam Station Whitetail Deer Gallery 4/7/13

These whitetail deer were outside the gate of the Allen Steam Station in Belmont NC. I was testing out the Canon 2x Extender iii on my 70-200mm 2.8 IS II and 5D3. The extender limits the aperture on the lens to 5.6 which I don’t like and the auto-focus speed is drastically reduced. I had to manually focus in and then the auto-focus would pick it up. This is no replacement for a 400mm 2.8 but the extra range for the price is hard to beat. If I had it over I would lower the ISO so I could increase the shutter speed because a lot of pictures were not as sharp as I would like. Hard to hand hold at 400mm, and these deer were 150-175 yrds away. 20130407_Power Rangers-107

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